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A.E. Inabinet

Jill of Many Trades, Master of None, and Not Big on Labeling Myself

I'm just a girl who loves to create. 

Books, candles, art, woodworking, jewelry and really anything that strikes my fancy.  



Writing is a creative outlet I have always enjoyed.  So these two little jokers popped out of my brain and landed as children's books.  They are available on Amazon (click Buy Now for link) and at following retailers on Edisto Island and Edisto Beach, SC:
The Edisto Island Bookstore
The Edistonian
Ace Hardware - Edisto Island
Shore Thing Gift Shop

The ABC's of Edisto

Have you ever heard of Edisto? Whether you have or not, it's time to explore this great little coastal area along the South Carolina coast. Children will love the colorful images while learning about Edisto and life on the shore. Adults will have a fun escape to the beach while sharing this book with a child. The ABC's of Edisto makes a wonderful travel guide for all who want to know more about Edisto. Let the journey begin and escape to this family friendly place.

Saint Loves Love

Sometimes you just need a little love. Sometimes you just need a dog to love. Saint Loves Love gives you both. Saint is a golden retriever filled with love. Children will love Saint. Adults reading with a child will love a book simply about love and good vibes.


About this
Jill of Many Trades

Really hope this photo does not scare you!  It scares me.  Oh well, this is me.  As I said earlier, I'm just a girl...well, slightly older...who loves to create.  The challenge of creating and using all forms to create gives me more joy than I can express.  Ideas seem to just pop in my head and here we go again.  My poor husband never knows what he will come home to find me "creating".  My hope is that you will enjoy my creations and have fun with me along the way.

Oh yeah, I was born and "raised" as we say in South Carolina.  So yes, I will drop a "y'all" on you at any moment and an occasional "Bless Your Heart". 

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It's a New Dawn

April 15, 2019

As I started to write this little blip, Nina Simone started singing in my head.  Yes, indeed, it's a new dawn for me as I begin this new journey.  I hope you will follow along as we see where this path leads and what twists and turns are in store.  

Blessings and positive vibes to all,

A.E. Inabinet


"Let them be themselves.  Free from expectations, societal norms, and restrictions.  Let them live their lives free of judgement and guilt.  Let them create a life of perfection for them."

My Wish for All - A.E. Inabinet